How to submit your entry

You can view the sub-categories here or via the main menu, click ‘More info’ on the sub-category for a pop-up to give you some insight into what is eligible. 

Once you've decided on what best suits your work, select each of them and you'll see the summary at the bottom of the screen and click 'Next'

In order to start your entries you need to have an account and be logged in. If you have an account already then you can skip this step and log in.

Create your account

Head to 'Sign In' via the main menu and 'Create Account' you will then receive an email from, which will ask you to confirm the details to activate your account.

The form has 2 sections

  • Entry Information - Use this section to provide the title and key entrant information for your entry.
  • Your Entry - This section will form the core of your entry and should contain all relevant information related to your campaign or project.

Here's a breakdown of the Your Entry section and what it requires:

  • Executive summary
    • This is one of the most important sections. Judges love a great summary and this sets the tone for your whole entry. Bring your submission to life in no more than 250 words. We will use this summary on the website in the event of a nomination.
  • Entry report for judges' eyes only
    • Your full entry report is where you can tell the whole story. Aim for no longer than 1250 words and refer to the category description and criteria for what to include in your report. This will be for judges eyes only and you can publish confidential information or facts and figures here to support your entry.
  • Entry credits
    • This is where you make sure all the people who made your entry possible get to share the recognition. You can include your colleagues, client team and suppliers. Please ensure that you only submit the details of people who would like to be contacted by us, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Email addresses will not be published.
  • Entry image
    • This will be the key image asset that we will use to represent your entry in the event of a nomination or an award. It can be an image from your campaign or project (if applicable) or a company logo. Max file size - 40MB. You also have the option to add up to 4 extra images.
  • Entry video
    • A video which summarises the key points of your entry.
  • Campaign video
    • Video assets relating to your campaign or project.
  • Twitter or LinkedIn
    • Social accounts for the entrant organisation. Company will be tagged on social posts in the event of a nomination or an award.
  • Entry URL
    • A web address relating to the work, campaign or project entered. This will be judged alongside the other assets you have provided, please only include a website or a digital experience that was produced as part of your overall activity.
  • Supporting file
    • If you have additional creative or infographics you can combine them into one pdf for the judges' consideration. This is optional and only if needed to supplement your entry.

We’d hate for you to lose the entry you’ve been working hard on, so make sure to save your entry along the way. 
If you need a coffee break, you can save and come back to your entry at any time.

Your entry can be found by logging back in via ‘My Account > ‘In progress’.

Once you're ready and happy with your entries, proceed to checkout where any discounts will be applied and you can pay securely.